MTM SIAM CO., LTD. honors to introduce itself as a leading producer and processor of rich dry fruit to the maximum nutrients from the finest Asian crops.

  The Corporation was established as a manufacturer of canned pineapple in October 2011. Strategically located on an 80-acre plot in Kanchanaburi province in Thailand, the company is surrounded by some 40,0000 acres of   pineapple plantation. The area's sandy soil results in pineapples with just the right sweetness and fragrance while also being low in nitrates. In addition to canned pineapple, the company produces such other processed agricultural products as dehydrated fruit, and Frozen Pineapple Juice Concentrate.

  Already the company's products have acquired solid reputations among consumers and are in high demand. To consistently achieve the highest quality products, the company maintains a tight focus on all processes in the production chain. Stringent controls are applied at every stage, from selection the freshest raw materials through   precise and hygienic processing, and every process is backed by state-of-the-art manufacturing technology.  The   result is that the hygiene, safety and overall quality of every single product is absolutely assured.  

  Based on its consistent high standards, the company has made inroads into several of the world's leading markets   for its products.  While our factory and packing houses are located in Bangkok - Thailand, our footprint stretches far and wide, representing exclusively in Canada, Middle East, United States and recently in Australia, piloting in the offices set in each area of activity. 

  We are constantly striving to build brands in step together with our customers for greater profit.The brands are our shields and the strategy dictates that as a group, people are a far greater force than as individuals. We pride ourselves on building relationships with our trading partners. From base factory in Thailand to our partnerships with overseas distributors and suppliers, we approach every partner as an opportunity to grow together and share in the success of our brands.

  FRUITIZ, IDEAL, MANGO TO GO, SIAM MANGO, SIAM YOUNG COCONUT are our pride of creation in highest branding standards, with no limit of expanding more to be disposed at every single customer



Providing world-class customer service is our key differentiator. Customer loyalty and partnership through innovative solutions is our ultimate goal. To reach to our unlimited goals, a team of over 800 employees aggressively try their utmost best to offer new products in new value and create demand in new areas.